Oct 1, 2018
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Foobot – We control the quality of the home air!

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Today we are pleased to review a product that will help us live life in our home in a healthier way. It’s called Foobot and it’s a gadget for air quality control!


The package is made of orange cardboard, and has different sides on how this air monitor works.
Let’s see in this gallery what it looks like:

Inside the plug to be applied to the power supply and two books that are very synthetic instructions … not much use as framing with the camera of our smartphone the QR in the box, we will download the app and guide you in the configuration of Foobot.

It all starts by overturning Foobot, which interfaces with our WiFi network, so you can also be controlled remotely.

We are told what are the three indices that generate the “total score” of the air we are breathing:
– Physical pollution: light particulates, derived from combustion (gas in the kitchen, boiler, etc.)
– Volatile particles: chemicals dissolved in the air from solvents (cleaning sprays, deodorants, etc.)
– Carbon dioxide: the air that we exhale is charged and you have to ventilate the premises often, especially after having slept

Together they help to fill a ring, which when empty means “well-being”; vice versa, when it fills up, the air begins to be “spoiled” and full of contaminants.


The body is made of sturdy plastic, and there are slits on the sides, while in the upper and lower part are the sensors that analyze the air.

The LEDs are of three colors and have a different intensity:
– full blue: perfect air, while slowly the air becomes less healthy, the LEDs will drop in intensity and approach the base.
– orange: KO air, a low light indicates to air the room as soon as possible, while a high light indicates a danger, as there are very high rates of pollution at home.
– violet: giving a double tap on the head of the Foobot, we activate a function called Knock Knock.

I did not know this function and was notified to me by an email from Foobot. Since I learned it, every now and then when I step in front of the gadget, I touch it and receive an instant notification on my iPhone: in a moment from the lock screen I read everything that interests me.

Not just air quality
In fact, the Foobot sensors constantly monitor humidity and temperature!
I liked this feature very much so that you can turn on and off my Dyson humidifier as soon as the humidity falls below 60% (I know it is high, but I like it that way!)


In these 3 weeks of testing I discovered how bad the air was that I was breathing and I corrected several bad habits I had, such as opening windows very often. Let’s say that it has become a “drug” and I feel a little slave to well-being now …
Not that it is wrong eh, but as soon as I see the orange led run immediately to open a skylight in the room

By the way: from the settings we can choose whether to turn off the LEDs at night, so as not to bother us during sleep. I have chosen to turn them off from 23 to 9.

As future improvements, I would like to see an integration in IFTTT software, Google Home or Homekit: the CO2 level rises, there is good weather outside and it’s not raining -> I open the smart skylights.
Or: inside there is stale air, outside there is clean air -> I turn on the smart air conditioning.
Things of this kind, in short, so as not to remain a simple Gadget but to be able to command other gadgets to act according to our instructions.


The purchase price is € 199, more than justified given the “premium” nature of this gadget and the improvement that will lead to our lives.
Currently you can buy it from the manufacturer’s website at this link, or from amazon at this link.

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