Dec 27, 2018
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Samsung Galaxy A9 review with four cameras. They serve?

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The new Samsung Galaxy A9 is on the Italian market for a few weeks, is the first in the world with 4 rear cameras. We need to understand if they really need it or not.

Samsung Galaxy A9 review with four cameras. They serve?

With an improper delay and with the aggravating circumstance of not having to think about Fedez while I try, I finally prepared the Review Samsung Galaxy A9 , the world’s first with 4 rear cameras.

If they are useful or if they are only for marketing, it is a theme that I believe does not yet have a certain answer.

But if we think about the quality of the images of the single sensor of Google Pixel 3, even if helped by the algorithms of artificial intelligence, some doubt could arise.

Arriving so late in the test of this Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 has its advantages, because I can test this phone with the knowledge that the real price on websites is now around 440 euros and this parameter drastically changes the approach compared to the initial price announced 629 euros, which in my opinion placed this smartphone in a very uncomfortable position.

Today online you buy Galaxy Note 9 at a price of 629 euros, between 540 and 600. Difficult to face the market with a higher price than competitors so emblazoned.

I know, the online market is still a slice still small and with a reduced percentage compared to the total, but it is also likely that the narrow slice of users who buy technology on the web is also the most interested in the novelties of the sector and therefore more skilled in comparison and evaluations like the one I have just explained to you.

At the price of 440/460 euros, which you find on many sites, the new Samsung Galaxy A9 is positioned as a premium mid-range and in this context has all the weapons to outperform the competition.


Available colors
Photos with little light


Photo with a lot of light
There is no wireless charging

Its appearance and the quality of construction

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful products to see among the last outlets that are generally all the same. Beautiful color gradients, which are presented in three different versions, among which I think the Lemonade Blue stands out .

The position of the 4 cameras, which become a distinctive feature of the telephone with the placement on the edge of the rear part, is also well-marked. There is a slight overhang, which affects stability when you type on the keyboard with the smartphone resting on a table. But how many times will you do it in life?

The weight is 183 grams, the measurement of 162.5 x 77 x 7.8 mm. The rounded edge from the back makes the handle more pleasant and transfers a subtlety perception.

There is a USB Type-C connector, as well as a 3.5mm headphone connector.

Overall, beautiful materials and very well-finished construction, with a perception of value that goes beyond the selling price.


Super AMOLED of generous surface: 6.3 inches, with a total surface of 100.7 cm2, ratio 18.5: 9 and a density of 392 pixels per inch. The total surface to screen ratio is 80.5%, while the definition is 1080 x 2220.

Super legibility with excellent brightness, at the top of the display there is not the infamous and vituperated notch.

Performance and hardware

One of the few devices with a Snapdragon 660 processor available on the market today. It is the most advanced solution for products that are not top of the range, but want to function as if they were.

There are two versions on the market, from 6 or 8 GB of RAM with an internal memory of 128 GB and are fast in operation, with a perception that is similar to that given by the top of the range.

On the back of the device, right in the middle, there is a fingerprint sensor, with a very nice squared shape, which recalls that of the camera compartment, aligned on the edge of the phone.

The snapdragon 660 has a 14 nm process, with octa-core architecture. There are 4 kyro 260 from 2.2 ghz coupled to 4 kyro 260 from 1.8 ghz.

The GPU is 512 adreno.

There is a slot dedicated to the memory card that can reach 512 GB.

The phone is fast and responsive, a bit ‘weighted by the Samsung Experience interface, which changes its name but remains a handicap on the devices because it is always too heavy. Just change the so-called “launcher” to make this phone fly, but then you no longer have a consistent interface and the look and feel chosen by Samsung, which is graphically among the most beautiful on the market.

4 cameras is mei that two?

Do you want the answer of a careful technological analysis? Boh! The four sensors are so assorted: the main 24 mpx with aperture F / 1.7, then a telephoto F / 2.4 10 mpx, to make a 2X optical zoom, same solution adopted by the Galaxy Note 9. There is a third sensor which is an 8 mpx wide-angle lens, with F / 2.4 aperture. Finally a 5 mpx depth sensor with F / 2.2 aperture.

shot with 2X phone

Photos with HDR and video up to 4K with 30 frames per second, but there are several shooting modes for both cameras, including a new “optimize scene” option, which exploits the artificial intelligence of the processor.

Shot with wide angle

On the front, however, there is a single camera with 24 mpx and an aperture F / 2.0, able to take pictures with HDR and shoot fullHD video.

Ok, we have a lot of cameras, but how are the photos? It depends.

We can not read this answer anymore, but unfortunately it is also valid for the new Samsung Galaxy A9 .

I say this because the sensors help to capture a lot of light and therefore a lot of information, which is advantageous in low light, but I happened to take pictures outdoors and to find many of the overexposed shots.

In short, good, but not very well. We say that the benefit of the 4 sensors is not so obvious.


There are 3.800 mAh of capacity which is a nice booty and they protect against surprises, even if the display is really huge and therefore energetic. But I’ve never had problems arriving in the evening.

There’s also a fast charge for a quick charge when you need extra power.

There is no wireless charging, which remains an exclusive of the most prestigious products of the Samsung brand.

Reception and conversation quality

As much as I could try these days, it seems to me that the phone has excellent reception and good audio quality. The loudspeaker, on the other hand, is really scarce: very low volume and very limited sound definition, on this front we really are not there.


A good mid-range product, positioned however in a “dangerous” way. The 4 cameras help improve perception, but can not by themselves support the competition of more complete and more powerful processors.

But beyond the marketing themes, this is a complete product, fast and also beautiful to look at.

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